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Artists and Disability Oppression
Up Close and Intensive
Folkestone Exhibition


23rd to 26th March 2023

I started the Artists and Disability Oppression: Up Close and Intensive when I received the Re-Emergence bursary from Surrey Disability Arts DAiSY in 2020. In the midst of the Covid19 Pandemic there was time to consider broadly the effects of oppression on society. I studied other oppressions, Anti Semitism, racism, ageism, classism,  and sexism in an effort to understand the process of oppression for my research on artists and Disability oppression. I finally found a vocabulary for my perceived individual inability to access the art world. I realized my experience was not personal at all, but a set of conditions forced on me by society. I was then able to make visual art in the forms of painting and embroidery which showed my frustration at being oppressed.

This is a continuation of my work with the Story Telling Coat about disability oppression by the conservative government in 2016. This main body of work is shown with selected work before, during, and after the pandemic.

Lesley Illingworth March 2023


The Magazine.

I wrote a magazine to explain my research and experiences. The issues that had arisen for me to look at during my process.

Brewery Tap UCA Project Space

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